Why invest in Buganda

The Kingdom of Buganda is the largest traditional Kingdom in present day Uganda, comprising Uganda’s entire Central region including the capital Kampala with the present population of about 10 million people. The Kingdom’s strategic central location is a home of a hive of malleable enterprises, aiding strong commanding investment venture.

One may wonder, why Buganda:-

  • 70% of business sales or goods and services happen within a radius of 50- 80kms from which is all Buganda.
  • The passion, love and loyalty of the people of Buganda for their King and Kingdom are in their DNA. You will have guaranteed access to this segment of the market.
  • The current Kingdom administration is dynamic, empowered, engaged and extremely professional.
  • Buganda Kingdom has a lot of land constituted with water, forests and special stones among others.Some pieces of land are in the capital city and urban centers (very prime for high end developments); while the rural areas have big chunks of adorable land for commercial farming.
  • With the existence of sound macroeconomic policies and a largely attractive investment climate, one is assured of maximizing a decent return on investment more so when they consider partnering with a credible institution that we are.

  • We welcome you to consider doing business with us.

Roland Michael Sebuwufu
Chief Executive Officer - BICUL

Buganda Map{Land Mass:61,403Km²)